Height: 10 cm
Width: 40 cm

Low table – Side Table, Plant Stand
Elegance of this low round solid wood coffee table will change ambiance of your home. If you are looking for modern and minimalist coffee table this natural wood round coffee table is for you. None of your guests can not take eyes off on this round coffe table. Simplicity is beautiful. This item has been carefully designed and crafted, please take care of it to ensure it lasts for many years. Keep in mind that irregularities are part of their characteristics and make it unique. You can also buy this unique Low Table on Etsy.


Nizka mizica – odlagalna površina

Poleg praktičnega namena lahko služi tudi kot okras, ali podstavek za namizno luč, svečnik … Nanj lahko odlagate časopise, daljinske upravljalnike in druge drobnarije.
Velikost: višina 10 cm, premer 40 cm.
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