Material: Wood

Height: 50 cm; Width: 35 cm

Side stump table, night stand
Unique hand-made wooden side table made of tree stump. The surface of the wood was sanded and covered with lack. Table has 10 rust metal legs. That rustic and unique side table will give to your home touch of nature. Perfect for use as side table, wine table or bedroom night stand. If you look at pictures you can see wood markings and cracks coming through but that’s what makes it unique. As wood ages over time and dries out further cracks will appear but it will not destroy the look. Look will be enhanced. It’s not entirely straight and may wobble a bit but it’s still a gorgeous piece of rustic furniture for the home.
You can also buy this unique Side Stump Table – Night Stand on Etsy.


Lesena mizica – odlagalna površina
Unikatna, ročno izdelana lesena mizica/odlagalnik iz debla. Površina lesa je bila brušena in lakirana. Miza ima 10 kovinskih nog. Vašemu domu bo dala pridih narave. Velikost: premer 35 cm, višina 50 cm. Za več informacij in ogled pokličite na tel. št.: 031 679 214.